Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I received a first hand report about the drought situation in the mountains in Haiti. We were hoping that the recent storm had brought some relief for water. I'm happy to say the the news is good for Fond Verette. The storm brought the much needed rain and temporarily helped this city. For the Pestel region, the news was not so good. The reports saddened us. The news came from our workers who just arrived back and the pastor’s wife who brought Max to us. She was so discouraged as she told the story of the continued despair that has worsened as they received no rain, but the violent winds from the storm took the roofs off of many homes and destroyed crops, huts and many animals, bringing hunger to an all time high there. We spent much of today organizing eight locations to feed children and the elderly. Thank you to those who provided. We are making plans to build more community cisterns in preparation for the rain. This area of 115,000, is where so many of our children have come from. We really love these people and feel their pain. We look forward to the sustainable projects that God has placed in our hearts as we trust Him for the means that will bring life changes to so many. May God bless each one who remembers what missions is all about and for those who give knowing that “But for the grace of God, there go I." 
Blessings, Miriam and New Life family

Back at New Life

I can hardly explain the feeling of being at New Life after a long day and having the children run up to you with open arms and big smiles. The stress of the day just melts away when those little arms wrap around you. Reality soon sets in when you remember that both generators are down, the internet isn’t working, and we have over 120 kids starting school next week! There is so much hustle and bustle and excitement in the air. Just imagine preparing so many kids for the school year. They all need uniforms, books, underwear, shoes, etc. The list goes on and on! Thank God for the teams that come throughout the year and leave some of these items for us to use for school. Our bookkeeper, Karlene saves what is given to us for starting school. Thanks to each of you who have given donations to help with education. We are constantly praying for God to supply the needs of raising all of these children. It can be overwhelming at times. Several children have arrived at New Life this week. One of them is a boy that we lovingly call “Little Max”. He is two years old and both of his parents have died. He really needs our prayers. He has severe malnutrition and is constantly vomiting. He is in the hospital at this time. His grandfather is in poor condition and he is trying to raise two more siblings in the mountain village of Pestel.
Thank you so much for partnering with us and for the love that many of you have for our children and ministry. -Miriam

Monday, August 24, 2015


A team of New Life workers just returned from the mountainous areas affected by the drought. They were led by John Clark, Pastor Seide and Pastor Lyonel. The grief stricken team arrived back at New Life, saying that the half has not been told about the horrible conditions of the drought. They did, however, bring back good news about how very thankful the people who are recipients of your prayers and support are! The drought has reached the point of panic and has taken the lives of many. Because of your support, we were able to send trucks filled with water and tons of food, clothing and supplies to Pestel, bringing relief to literally thousands in the worst areas of Fond Verrette, a village with over 50,000 people. This outpouring of help has truly been the hand of God working through the hearts of His people. The people in the drought stricken areas have been praying fervently for God to send help! Community prayer in the villages is resulting in many people giving their lives to the Lord. We are all glorifying God for this miracle! In the colder mountainous areas of Oriani and Miguel the trees and brush have dried up.
It was described to us as miles and miles of barren desert. You can imagine the scene as hundreds of desperate people brought as many buckets and containers as they could carry, hoping to fill them. We continued to pass out life giving food, water and supplies into the night and began again the next morning at 6:30 am. We distributed over 7,000 gallons of water and 14,000 more gallons will be handed out this week. These villages are still suffering from the damage done by hurricane Cindy three years ago. Homes, churches and other buildings are down because they lack the resources to rebuild.

Because of your monetary donations, we were able to build two cisterns in Oraini where they have not had a sustaining rain in almost three years! We are building more permanent cisterns in other villages in hopes that rain will come soon. Keep praying for rain! We are cleaning, repairing and filling a 7,000 gallon cistern that has not had water in it for years. We have so much work to continue to do. We are trusting God for esources while evaluating long term solutions. We will keep you posted with more details and photos and ask that your prayers and love gifts continue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If only each of you could be here to see the reaction of the people when the water trucks and food supplies arrive. The provisions that you are sending through our ministry are saving lives and souls!

Miriam Frederick
Love has no border

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thousands Crying out for Help! part two


For weeks, pastors and leaders have been making the long trip to and from the remote mountains in Haiti. They return to NEW LIFE in tears, telling the stories of the victims of the severe drought that has hit the villages of Pestel, Verette and beyond. These areas have not had rain for five to seven months. Crops are dead, and children are dying. There are over 150,000 people in desperate need of help!

One Pastor spoke of a mother who walked many kilometers over dry mountainous terrain because she was desperate for water for her children. After finding that the water hole had dried up, she walked back to her village with a heavy heart, only to find that her two children had died while she was away. 


We organized a trip with our board members and a few specific ministry friends who were determined to define a strategy to save thousands of lives in this region. This group would be gathering all of the facts with Dr. Philip Seignue , the Mayor, an engineer, and key leaders from the village of 115,000 people. Dr. Philip is the only doctor in this area. He continues to see more needless death, suffering and heartache than could ever be told. Most conditions could be preventable if adequate medical care was available, but IT IS NOT! We can only imagine how many people in the village are sitting in mud huts holding their dying children as we read this today. They have no clean water or food due to this horrible drought.


Others and myself have worked in these remote areas for years, climbing mountains, bringing work teams, caring for thousands in clinics and dragging the lifeless bodies of dying children on boats and trucks for the 18-hour journey to Port-Au-Prince. This is how New Life started and we continue to receive many children with dreadful conditions.


Eric, the videographer from Brazil, could hardly work through his tears. 

I have received these comments since returning from the trip last week. Our construction supervisor, Ricky Baines said that..."I have been unable to adjust to life back in the U.S., constantly thinking about the people in the mountains suffering from no food or water. We can't wait, not even a month, we must act now to avoid more deaths. With God’s help, we can make a change in the lives of so many people in the mountains.
"Dr. Steve Schroering, our medical director stated "How do you describe unimaginable human suffering? It is incomprehensible! You have to witness it yourself so that the magnet of uncontained suffering draws on every ounce of every feeling that lives in you and your heart. Suffering of the degree that we just witnessed on our recent trip is not just visual but is deeply painful to witness. Can I adequately describe the face of a dying child that is starving? NO! Can I explain the emotional drain of your own compassion that occurs when you look suffering in the face and feel sick and nauseous and you begin to weep? This is a gut wrenching compassion. Through this little innocent painful hopeless face you see a human being and ask how can this be? How can I fix this? Then comes another wave of emotion ....overwhelming fear when you realize that this is just one child in thousands dying from a lack of food and water and healthcare. We can save a few lives but what about the next day and the day after and next week and next month. The suffering continues as does the unnecessary deaths. You realize we need a permanent presence. We need to be constantly bringing food and providing clean water and a health care system that can constantly care for the 115,000 in these mountains. None of us wanted to leave! None of us wanted to return to our great country where our cups overflow with blessings beyond measure. Since our last trip, I get nauseous when I eat, not because I am sick, but because I feel I should eat less so there will be more for others. It sounds silly, but these are feelings and thoughts that are not escapable, then after all of this comes a feeling of powerlessness. On the surface, all these problems seem to have a remedy. We need to build more water cisterns, we need to provide more healthcare workers. We need more medication and educational workers , more churches and schools, medical centers and distributional centers. We need to build a hospital that would provide sustainable healthcare for the population for years to come. All these seem like simple solutions but all has one root cause that keeps them unachievable, MONEY! These are all reduced to the lack of enough financial support and funding. There in comes the gloom and sadness. A child dies for the lack of dollars. Children suffer unimaginable due to money. A slow suffering death is condensed to a few dollars. How can this be? NO CHILD DESERVES TO DIE! They can be fed adequately everyday for 30 cents. Painful to dwell on. More sadly there is plenty of money to fix this unresolved tragedy. We have to find the big hearts that can make a difference and then break their heart with this calamity. We must all become heartbreakers. This trip made me realize how fast I want my retirement to come so that I can spend more time in the mountains with the forgotten and broken hearted. Until then my heart will remain forever broken. Until then, I will be there as often as possible. God has commissioned us as a team to call everyone that reads these words to come aboard to help us provide clean water and health care. We have a plan in place even to build a hospital on ten donated acres, strategically placed clinics, feeding centers, and cisterns, schools, and to search out water sources. It can be done. We need you in our team, we need finances desperately, lots of finances that will bring this change. We must not delay as lives are at risk each day. Please give us your help. We are available to answer your questions. Together we can make a difference."

Ellen Coleman said "My life will NEVER be the same again." Click here to see the short video that Ellen narrated showing the contaminated water that the people are drinking in desperation.

John Clark, Associate Project Director," I'm so crushed for the people of the Pestel mountain

region, including the island of Cymete, of 20,000. Their need for water food and medical haunts me day and night. The most compelling moment was to see the hysteria of the people in Joligebert for food with Moms pushing their children for us to take back to New Life to give their child a chance to survive. They know their child may die soon without water and food, the basics of life. The village of Gorgette suffered the same without food and water for months. Yet, they have a calm Spirit praying and knowing that God is with them. I returned to New Life where we have food and clean water, but who can rest and eat when those in the mountains are dying from thirst, hunger and disease. My heart is heavy for them, thinking of them constantly and pray to God to allow us the means to help them survive."

PRESENTLY, we are feeding children in eight locations and have a small clinic in operation and a nurse visiting several locations. This has literally knocked out malnutrition in those areas. We have two feeding centers built with beautiful cisterns and plans to build several more. We continue to partner with IFJ to bring in water filter buckets per family one village at a time. It is making such a difference to be able to filter filthy water due to no sanitation. With the drought, dirty water holes are drying up. We will be updating you as we trust God to move forward in creating the second arm of New Life, New Life Health and development program, allowing us to address these desperate situations. We are trusting God to give us His direction to raise the necessary funding that will be used only toward these sustainable solutions. We can’t do this alone and we are asking for any amount in order to begin immediately.

The FIRST thing that we must do before much needed sustainable solutions is to put the fires out. People are dying now for lack of water and food.

Our plan with your immediate help is as follows: We must get clean water to some of the worst areas immediately, beginning this week.

In Pestel, for example, we have located the very worst area with large populations. Most are
so isolated and in horrible shape. In Gorgette, hundreds of men, women and children came when we sent food ahead. They had walked miles without water to drink. The brush church with a couple of pieces of tin dangling on top and an earth ground brought little hope. We immediately sent tin and PVC pipe to cover the top and a 1,000 gallon fiberglass cistern to be prepared for the day that rain comes. We hired a huge truck to haul water from the only river, which is hours away. This we would do each few days and then hire the same truck to empty water into the cistern after it is built in about a week. There is no choice but to save lives. The cost of the entire project is $2,200.

Several villages need this same project immediately until rain comes. As God provides and

rain comes, we will still be adding water filter buckets one village at a time as most people walk two hours to a dirty water hole. We will also continue to build feeding centers with a 10x10x10 cistern. The cost for this project is $12,000 and we can start as soon as funds and food are available. These are temporary solutions but they offer clean water in the shortest amount of time. Next would be for us to take engineers by helicopter to the two water springs miles up the mountain to check out the possibility of piping it down into a variety of stations. This, of course, will take time and finances. As Dr. Schroering said, it all can be done with money. We believe God has it and will send the people to help us.

We will now go to Verette, where children are dying. These are the worst situations and demand our immediate attention. Our team and Haitian pastors from this area searched out possibilities to save as many lives as possible. They identified the closest water sources, which are three hours away by truck. This plan of action involves three mountainous regions and 15,000- 20,000 people. This is where the mother returned after an endless journey searching for water only to find that her children had died while she was away.

We have all of the details and facts and are prepared to begin to take action. We just need the finances. We are ready to load our vehicles with pre-packaged food boxes. From Port-Au-Prince, we can hire as many trucks as funds will allow. One huge truck can carry over 1,000 large packages of 60 bags of fresh water to a central location where men, women and children from three different mountain areas can meet. It will take two hours of walking for some, but they are willing. Village leaders also said that the children are so cold. Later, we can concentrate on warm clothing and blankets but for now, food and water are urgent.

The cost of each truck load of water is $388.  SECONDLY, there is a spring in a closer village called Soliette. We can hire a huge water tanker truck to be filled from the spring.

This cost is $340 for each truck. $1,000 will give us three trucks of choice. This is an opportunity that God is giving us. We work with local leaders and pastors. Many of you know pastor Lyonel Jeudi. He is part of our leadership. He has five pastors of his there calling desperately for help.

We want to make our first run this week. I have asked God for a minimum of $25,000 for us to get water into the little bodies of these children and adults ASAP.


Please help us with any amount. I'm asking you please not to use the funds you send to our children's home unless designated as we count on every dollar to sustain these children. We just received six new ones and another child with Polio is coming.

Please call our office at 561-868-5005 for donations or questions or call Ricky Baines at 407-973-2240 for more information. You may send a check to World Harvest Missions (3357 Pinehurst Drive, Lake Worth, FL 33466) designated to Water, Medical & Food Relief or give online at



We will keep you posted on our progress. We appreciate your prayers. Thank you so very much for your help!

Miriam Frederick

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thousands Crying out for Help! part one

I'm at the Haiti airport on my way home for a few weeks to allow God to take the heart hehas given me for these precious people in Haiti and allow me to speak of the depth of intense and horrible suffering I have witnessed while here.

I am not a novice to the suffering of Haiti. After over 30 years of rescuing and burying countless children, I'm not speaking from a heart that has just come to grips with the suffering here. I'm going home with a heart that wants to speak and cry to the world of a condition that calls for our immediate attention as God’s people and as compassionate Americans. 

We cannot allow the human suffering that I have seen to continue and do nothing. I know that it could only be the Lord who has kept me awake these many nights. After leading our team to the mountains to see and to hear the cries, to hold dying children while watching their mothers cry over children who have NO food or water. There are thousands of victims crying out for help from a famine that has hit parts of Haiti resulting in no rain for five to seven months. The crops that are so desperately needed for survival are completely dried up! The desperation is so unfathomable to us. It is truly a story truly that must be told because it involves LIFE AND DEATH for thousands of people. God has so filled my heart with His and told me to GO AND TELL WHAT HE HAS ALLOWED ME TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! THEY HAVE NO VOICE. WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE NOW!

Most of you know us and our sincerity and hearts for Haiti. We have to rely on God for thedaily needs of raising 120 plus children at New Life. We are so grateful for those whose faithful love, gifts and prayers pour into these children and for God allowing us to assist and reach out to 35 other schools and orphanages who suffer terribly! How can we not help them? We have six new children who came in from the mountains and others with polio are coming soon. It's hard to imagine that the Lord’s voice would override all that you see at hand with the vision and projects that are ahead at New Life and in the mountains to call us into a crisis like an earthquake or disaster. You know you must act and trust Him. It's like the Good Samaritan story. He had his own business and plans too, but when he saw the poor man who fell among thieves, bleeding and dying, he was MOVED with compassion. That's how this story is. I don't want to be as the two others who were so busy that they left him there to die! Thousands are crying all over Haiti for no fault of their own! This could have been my plight and my own children, "but for the grace of God, there go I!” I'm asking you to please pray for us. For those of you that can help financially, we desperately need move forward with some solutions. 

Thank you,
Miriam Frederick
Love has no border

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The service at New Life on Sunday began with worship and special music by our children The presence of the Lord moved on all of the children after a powerful message by Pastor Israel about committing it all to Jesus. The children were welcomed to come and pray and the alters were full. What a precious time it was as their hearts were poured out in such meaningful prayer and worship. The Christ Fellowship team prayed for each child as if they were their very own. Many joyful tears were shed as each of our children then laid their hands on each team member and offered prayers for them with such sincerity.  I couldn't help but reflect on every precious child here and the conditions they came to us under.  God knew the desperate circumstances of each one, but He didn't leave them there. They look so healthy, strong and beautiful now and they love and worship God.  In this special church service, It was as if all of heaven just stopped for a moment and every angel was worshiping and praising God with us.  Through His great love, He rescued each of these children and brought you into their lives to help support them. We are so very thankful.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Life 4 Kids

I'm so very grateful  for the entire NL staff that is so much more than 'caretakers' for our children. Their love goes way beyond the 'call of duty ' to a real parent, a real family, a true God given love to see them through each day, and each phase of life. Just as each of our birth children , Sometimes that means loving discipline  as well as Godly teaching , instruction and counciling . Each of our administrative staff as well as our Nannies  take a vital part in the child's life, caring, providing, nurturing and Counciling. Behind the scenes are literally hours of loving council giving Godly direction. Today was no different as most of  the day was spent with several of our young men , some with their families in Pastor Seides office,  praying,counciling and giving carful guidance to their future. I was blessed to continue to see and hear Pastor Seide , offer the wisdom and loving council along with Pastor Samuel and Andremese accompanying council. It was evident as always that is more than a job and position , but a true fathers heart and family's heart for each one. Today, was very special as you see the joy on Shabas face with his brother ,OlChrist and his dad and younger brother preparing for the school year and their future.  It was also special to see the love poured out for another outside hurting 18 year old young man who's mom died in the EQ and he ended up on drugs and alcohol. We were able to get him into school, we all prayed together, and he's going to church tomorrow with Andremese. It's exciting thanks to each one of you that is a part, here and at home, to see each one growing up and we are blessed to continue to give the  assistance they need to be productive citizens.
Thank you for your love and prayers. Miriam

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Life Special Needs Kids Score an “A+”

This month, two pediatricians, a pediatric dentist and the top pediatric heart surgeon in the state of Mississippi, screened all of the children at New Life including our precious, special needs children. We were so happy when they said after thoroughly examining our handicapped kids, they could not be in any better shape than if they were here in the U.S.! They asked how we do such a good job, as there were no skin break downs nor frozen joints and were impressed with their overall health and well-being, down to the cleanliness of nails and toes!

These professionals were a part of three teams that arrived immediately after I returned to Haiti from a brief trip to the states. We held a dental clinic and heart clinic with both teams screening all of our children as well as some children in the tent cities, other orphanages and our own employees and their children. We were truly humbled at the reports from both the dentist and doctor. With the exception of just a few minor things, their teeth were in exceptionally good condition and most had no plaque as well. The dentist was shocked to see this and was extremely happy and surprised. He left us a list of who to follow up with for fillings and gave a slide presentation in the church. It was great!

One of our wonderful, frequent guests has taken a special interest in our handicapped. We appreciate so very much her heart for these special needs children. She is assisting us with the costs associated with hiring a quality physical therapist and we have finally determined who we feel is the best physical therapist for our children after scouting out the possibilities. In January, before leaving for the states, I had contacted several, and had asked our pediatrician for his recommendations. I found many who wanted a job, but didn’t really have a heart for the kids. No one really turned up that seemed to be what we were looking for. I had my mind on one I had heard of for sometime that lived close by and had a good reputation. We interviewed them this week and it seems to be a good possibility that this will be the person we are looking for. 

We had also revamped the special needs children’s schedule to include a full-time nurse, a schedule of more juice, snacks and water at regular intervals, a time under the mango tree walking them and also in the afternoon, laying them all on mats and doing range-of-motion exercises with them. The extra assistance from the wonderful team members has been a blessing, giving these children much needed one-on-one-time and lots and lots of love

We know we have to strive here to do better and better and are far from our goals, but it was a great week. Our Medical Director, Dr. Steve Schroering is coordinating the follow up with the medical teams and we also interviewed a local dentist that is able to do complete care here on our property. The pediatric dentist wants to bring more dental teams, allowing us to help the community around us and many poor children. 

In one week, other team members along with our construction boss and Haitian workers, put in a huge septic system and the bathroom addition to the toddler’s house. This progress is bringing us closer to placing the children there as it was impossible without the availability of water. A big thank you to all of them for their diligent, hard work!

The strategy is to complete the toddler’s house as soon as possible. This will enable us to place the handicapped kids in a bigger room while renovating their current rooms, keeping them as far as possible from the dust. We also must complete the boy’s showers that our construction boss has been working on, as the small bathroom for all the big and small boys is overrun and looks like a disaster!

Things are moving forward. It's a lot of work but a joy to see it getting done. I appreciate all of the help and love. I hope this progress report gives you a better picture how much of a difference you have made.

Thank you again, as your love and gifts are helping us to move forward in our vision to make the lives of all of these children better. 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome Back

Yesterday was so great with a hundred loving arms to welcome us back to Haiti, but today brought us back down to earth quickly. This fast paced  day began with our normal three hour Monday staff meeting with administrators and leadership. It felt like we had things together until I looked at the to-do notes I had gathered from the meeting. It included all of the challenges from the children's school , upcoming events for soccer teams, uniforms needed, all the kids that need new shoes, others that need clothes, kids who have been sick, one in the hospital and others going to the doctor this week. Then we discussed new policies and procedures to enhance quality care and training. We are planning new special nourishing menus for the special needs and sick   children. After this, we made plans for Christmas. We will be inviting children from another orphanage and giving each of them a gift and treating them to a nice dinner as we did last year. We planned dinners for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day as well as a special employee dinner.
Pastor Seide proceeded to expound on all of the financial needs that require immediate attention such as the $1,200 bill due today for diesel fuel to hold us over for two weeks. In addition to this, government taxes are due now too. Later, we went through the entire orphanage and kitchen double checking cleanliness and hygiene and making necessary changes. Then, we valuated the needs of the medical outreach in the tent city that we are assisting with. All of this happened before noon! Thank God that we have a wonderful heavenly Father  who gives us His grace and strength each day and for all of the hugs here that help  make each problem fade away---at least for a while. 
Love has no borders


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer  at new life:  Making an impact

Wow! Do you ever wonder what you are going to do with your children throughout the summer? Try having 130 with even more being added! Like mom said, there's always room for one more! Of course she had no idea the word 'more' to us would be hurting and dying children and that each one is a gift from God to us. But who ever dreamed that God would use this summer to make missionaries out of some of our children and THEY would be doing some of the rescuing... Several have come in recently with critical circumstances or in critical condition such as a three month old who was brought in from the mountains by an elderly grandmother. The child's mother was dying and Venexion was shriveled up in terrible malnourished condition. Or ... Nuvivce, a sixteen year old mother that the police brought to us who lived on the streets. She had been taken advantage of trading sex for money to purchase food. She was paid 100gds or $2.40 cents. Then there was Tito, a seven year old from the mountains that had no real food and forced to drink water from a water hole. The mom, out of desperation, latched on to someone to feed her children but he never accepted the child as he has two of his own and Tito faced a lifetime of possibly being a slave child. The mother desperately cries not wanting her child to continue to be rejected just to provide food.
We really can't relate, can we? However, it's all around us every day! The precious part of this story is about what is happening to our children after the many years of pouring Gods love into them and that love flows through them into others and they become missionaries themselves. This summer our children are being used by God to change lives. Ten of our 24 children came to us after being pulled out of the mud slides nine years ago after a terrible hurricane wiped out homes taking hundreds of lives in Gonaives. Today, they are young men and women who we took on our tap tap loaded down with food and clothing. They left for a months vacation to be with and bless their families that still remain..Some came as only three years old and had no idea of their roots. Now bringing His love, they were greeted with open arms from their families through the pastor there that rescued them. They will come back soon for school with the exception of a couple of them that are now older and have families and homes of their own. We will continue to provide schooling for them as well as trades as long as they respect and obey the rules. School begins here on Sept. 2nd so we are beginning to prepare here now. They have one more week and we are hearing good reports from most. Others, of course, miss our home and are looking forward for that tap tap to show up and bring them back. There's no place like home!!

Secondly. While teams came to New Life, many of our children would climb on the tap-taps and trucks with the teams loaded with food and supplies, taking an active part in distribution to orphanages and tent cities as well as teaching Vacation Bible School. This went on for weeks. Many children here at NL participated in fun, games, movies.VBS, a fun filled beach day and waters sports, water balloon war and a big Bar-B-Q yesterday. Now, as I said in the beginning of this email, this is also something that will make you so proud of our older boys. After much prayer, planning and packing, they were off to the mountains and villages where we work in Pestel. George Patten serving with New Life, was doing some preliminary work getting ready for our teams this coming trip. The boys offered to go. We let them know they would be climbing mountains in the heat, bringing and distributing supplies, doing census in Pavion NDTi Plain, preparing for IFJ to distribute water filter buckets, medical teams, feeding programs and helping the village of Perla and Malcouchin to build a road for our teams and building supplies to be trucked in. We will also be building a feeding center in Caye LaSalle and building water cisterns where we have been already feeding children some healthy and high protein food, giving worm medicine and vitamins each week. They presently have to haul clean water long distances and cook and eat under a old brush building. That will soon change. We have several teams joining us and participating. Malnutrition, diseases and death are high in these areas. We will also be setting up weekly clinics there so we know God is hearing our prayers and the cry of His people.

We have plans to set up these programs in four villages ASAP but have been concentrating on building a malnutrition center in Joligebert. Surely we thought some of the boys may back out but they did not. It just fueled them. So we thought we would make it a work and spiritual camp that we may repeat each year . They would minister to the village young people and hold soccer matches. Wow! Loading the truck was a circus as they stuffed so much food and clothes to give away. It looked like tons of bags of rice that God had provided, their own suitcases that weighted a ton and looked like they would be there forever rather than three weeks! Food, drinks for the road, and gallons of water. We asked them to leave all electronics behind at New Life in order to fully concentrate on God and the task. They gave them up willingly--radios, earphones,etc. YES! it was a real circus as there was no place to sit and they should have loaded everything on top! OK! Unload everything! Reloaded to the top. Dear Lord, is this any indication of what the next week would be like? One and a half hours in the hot sun hoisting everything on top. Finally, they were off and so excited! I was exhausted but excited for them. We prepared well with Pastor Lenis' family who would house and cook for them. But were we really ready for what would change their lives forever? Please read the next email we will send ASAP to see what God is doing while I go now to prepare the clinic at NL to receive the two children that have been sent here that are in serious condition and time is against them so I can't wait another moment. One is badly burned and another from Pavion dying of malnutrition. Please keep them in your prayers and the workers also.

Miriam and all of us at New Life.