Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hunger in the Mountians

The hunger here in the mountains of Haitiwhere the winds of Hurricane Matthew were the strongest is beyond anything that we had imagined. It looks as if there was a nuclear explosion. Until now, their tears and cries have been unnoticed by the outside world. We are the first to arrive in these unreached areas where the people are living in survival mode. God has helped us through some dangerous roads. Although we have security with us, we have been safe and have not needed it. The roads that we have been driving on in the mountains have been very rough. Many of the roads seemed impossible to travel on and are in need of a bulldozer to clear the way, but we pressed on to get there. Today we are in the mountains of Pestel and tomorrow we will travel to the coastal villages. Thursday, we will go to three mountains that people say are flattened by the storm. We are told that the people there are desperate for help. No help has been to the places that we have been and are going to. The crops and trees are barron. We are setting up major distribution points for the masses and going from house to house when needed. The crowds are so desperate for food and tarps. There are thousands stranded due to houses being destroyed or missing roofs. The churches that could have been used for refuge are destroyed also. It rained all night last night and people slept out in the open when they could not find cover. We are estimating that 5,000 tarps are needed ASAP. Pestel is unrecognizable. It is terrible to see the people that you love suffering to this extent. All of the work that we have done in building centers is gone. They are so grateful for this food that we purchased in Port-Au-Prince with donations. It is giving them hope. We are encouraging them and and letting them know that God has not forgotten them. We met with Dr. Philip and his plea is to get food to three extremely high mountains. We are sending for more food and having people come down from the mountains and haul it up. This will take them hours through the mud, but we cannot get our vehicles there. We badly need a helicopter to bring food and supplies.  Dr. Philip said that 30 people have died from the storm in this area and an additional 6 have died of Cholera. There are 6 more people here with active Cholera. His concerns are of possible epidemics of the Flu and Malaria. We are leaving for Caye la Salle where they are in serious need of food. We will then go to Jeanbouline and send for people to come from the mountains that we cannot reach for food distribution.  NO major organizations are here and we are going to contact some immediately when we return to Port-Au-Prince. Many of these people will die of hunger and disease if we don't get more national help. 

We cannot thank you enough for your continued prayer support. Now that we know the needs first hand, we are posting a revised list of much needed items. Please consider donating funds, food or supplies. The supplies can be dropped off at the locations on our website at
www.newlife4kids.com. You can donate there also. God bless each and every one of you.
Miriam Frederick

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