Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Subject: Excitement at New Life!

Kids are kids everywhere.  We've been so blessed with several guests coming to spend Christmas with us. We spent the last few days, bagging and distributing food for a tent city, visiting orphanages with food and surprises. The excitement on the kids’ faces is more than heartwarming.  We were so surprised to have a visit from social, services, about eleven people, some dressed up like Santa, passed out chips and candy while our kids sang with them.  We spent a full day   this week working our way thought tons of traffic, and roadblocks to shop, for the special, dinner tomorrow for everyone. Even though our Christmas tree looks like it had malnutrition, it's beautiful, as the kids did some personal decorations. Our children spent the day cleaning inside and out, excited about tomorrow. You would think someone really special is coming, and it's not Santa! We invited our PAPPY SAM who for years had lived at New Life and been a Loving Pappy, and Grand pappy to our children. He loved them so much and then God called him to help struggling orphanage hours away. We invited Pappy Sam and the orphanage of fifty children to join us tomorrow where we bagged up extra goodies that teams brought, that our children will give. They also made special cards for pappy Sam. We’ll have the Christmas story together in the church after lunch, present their surprises, and then have SLIP AND SLIDE fun, and end the day with hot dogs at night. What a blessing. Thank you everyone who have made this so special for all of our children. Tonight, they are building an outdoor fire for a fun time with music and SMORES, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US...From All the children and staff.  Blessings, Miriam

Love has no borders...You have never really lived...until you have done something for someone who can never repay you....
Miriam Frederick