Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I received a first hand report about the drought situation in the mountains in Haiti. We were hoping that the recent storm had brought some relief for water. I'm happy to say the the news is good for Fond Verette. The storm brought the much needed rain and temporarily helped this city. For the Pestel region, the news was not so good. The reports saddened us. The news came from our workers who just arrived back and the pastor’s wife who brought Max to us. She was so discouraged as she told the story of the continued despair that has worsened as they received no rain, but the violent winds from the storm took the roofs off of many homes and destroyed crops, huts and many animals, bringing hunger to an all time high there. We spent much of today organizing eight locations to feed children and the elderly. Thank you to those who provided. We are making plans to build more community cisterns in preparation for the rain. This area of 115,000, is where so many of our children have come from. We really love these people and feel their pain. We look forward to the sustainable projects that God has placed in our hearts as we trust Him for the means that will bring life changes to so many. May God bless each one who remembers what missions is all about and for those who give knowing that “But for the grace of God, there go I." 
Blessings, Miriam and New Life family

Back at New Life

I can hardly explain the feeling of being at New Life after a long day and having the children run up to you with open arms and big smiles. The stress of the day just melts away when those little arms wrap around you. Reality soon sets in when you remember that both generators are down, the internet isn’t working, and we have over 120 kids starting school next week! There is so much hustle and bustle and excitement in the air. Just imagine preparing so many kids for the school year. They all need uniforms, books, underwear, shoes, etc. The list goes on and on! Thank God for the teams that come throughout the year and leave some of these items for us to use for school. Our bookkeeper, Karlene saves what is given to us for starting school. Thanks to each of you who have given donations to help with education. We are constantly praying for God to supply the needs of raising all of these children. It can be overwhelming at times. Several children have arrived at New Life this week. One of them is a boy that we lovingly call “Little Max”. He is two years old and both of his parents have died. He really needs our prayers. He has severe malnutrition and is constantly vomiting. He is in the hospital at this time. His grandfather is in poor condition and he is trying to raise two more siblings in the mountain village of Pestel.
Thank you so much for partnering with us and for the love that many of you have for our children and ministry. -Miriam