Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today was truly a special day! Although all that we do at New Life is Christ centered, God began to speak to me months ago about our children being baptized. I continued to pray about it and this week we had a team from Georgia that God sent to fill that gap from Covington Baptist Church. We purposed that we would spend Sunday, Monday and Tuesday services to prepare them and thoroughly teach them being sure of their personal relationship with Jesus. Today we loaded the school bus and two other vehicles, of guests and drove to a beautiful spring where twenty two of our children were baptized. It was a day to remember. We celebrated with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice. As much hard work here as goes into their daily care, there was something so special about today, as each one confirmed their personal relationship with their Lord that gave us such a sense of joy and peace. I think of each sponsor and person that gives and prays for them how this is the greatest give of all to all of us, and picture how heaven must stand still as God watches one by one these children who came in so broken and sick, now made totally whole committing their whole lives to Him. We are meeting with the others with special classes who will soon follow.

Miriam Frederick, New Life Children's Home  

Love has no borders