Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grocery Shopping In Haiti

This is Haiti…you either smile and move ahead like everything is normal, or commit yourself!

Do you have any idea how much work I have to do shopping for the teams arriving today and tomorrow? We had both Toyotos serviced today. The one that was ready so we could have it for the weekend, did not get picked up and they are locked inside till Monday, so Andremese and I hitched a ride in the back of the box truck to the grocery store…the front seat was taken up with people hitching a ride to get materials to build benches. The back of the truck was left open and the truck had loads of boxes of food so we thought we would be comfortable for the half-hour ride over the bumpy road…then the boxes all started to fall over on us!

The windows were closed and we were screaming and banging on the front but the truck was too noisy for them to hear us! We were ducking and banging and screaming, “STOP!” but no one heard us. My hand was bleeding from banging, the boxes were falling out of the back, we were trying to catch them and hold them and the truck kept speeding up! 

The neighbors and street people were getting a free show while Andremese and I were like wild people who needed a cage! Finally, they stopped! We were black with dirt and I jumped over onto whoever’s lap I had to sit on for the few miles left. We are now in the grocery store. Andremese said my clothes and back were black! I told her hers was too and she had dirt all over her, but I had blood! Needless to say, we have no pride left!

Love has no borders