Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haiti Update

To all of our friends, this has been an awesome week in Haiti, it's the week of Carnival, a full week of celebration all over Haiti, but a time you don't want to go out unless necessary as it can also get pretty wild. School  has been out, so we've had about 100 angels here everyday.!  Did i say angels?  Many of the churches also use this time to gather together and have special services, and that's what we did !  It has been so awesome this week with the kids each night, the nannies joining us.  We focused on repentance, prayer and worship. I wish you  could have seen these kids as they sincerely began to move into such deep worship and the presence of the Lord was so real each night. Then they would all get on their knees and pray with all their heart, then begin to stand and worship again, as Eranas, who was brought to us as a small boy almost totally blind, and writes his own music, played the organ,   We were only going to go for three days, but then after three nights, the Lords presence was do real,  they were eager to return tonight and tomorrow night also.

Tonight was so awesome as we watched them praise and worship, with their hands raised to God thanking Him for all of His blessing. The special needs kids especially captured my heart watching them sincerely worship. Even though they could not be understood by man, the expressions coming out of them had to make the angels stand still. Samsons hands were both lifted in such praise, he is the one from a wheelchair you find almost daily in a room In the orphanage praying with all his heart for thirty minutes to an hour with such sincerity, we could never understand a word, but it is with all his heart, and God understands every word. Christina, who was abused as a small child and a young lady now, just danced and danced to praise music while our little  Schnido was by my side playing his little tambourine .

Then at prayer time he bowed his enlarged head. I reached over and helped him hold his head so heavy , being Hydrocephalic, as he prayed thinking what a blessing he us to all of us, and how one day, all these special needs kids will meet us in heaven completely whole.I watched as they all sang with all their hearts in creole,  The Love of God is richer far, than tongue or pen could ever tell,....  if we with ink, the oceans fill, and were the sky, of parchment made, were every stalk on earth a quill, and every man, a scribe by trade, to write the love of God above , would drain the oceans dry, nor would the scroll, contain the whole, though stretched from sky to sky!!!! They sang it over and over with such sincerity of's been a great week. We are so grateful that these kids who came from such painful circumstances can really know the true love of God. Thank you for making a difference in their lives with your love and prayers.        

Love has no border

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Life Children's Home: update

What a great Sunday! There was so much excitement ! This was the day to unload the bus! They each went to their Sunday school classes, then gathered in the church for worship, changed their clothes,and had their lunch then finally, our driver drove the bus over where it would be unloaded . We have two great teams here finishing up some needed construction projects. They helped us put up a large tent that would house the items as the kids helped unload. There were so many little hands, and great fun as they just had to stop and try out the hula hoops and play with the toys. Each item was exciting to them,as they all pitched in! Wow! Needed Batteries for the inverter system, clothes, toys, a tv, sound system, lawn mower, tools, wheelchairs and walkers, everything in great condition. but..... This was just the beginning...  After it was empty, 80 excited kids climbed in opened the windows and began to sing and dance and play for the next three hours, such excitement you've never heard. I sat myself on a seat in the midst of a chaotic fun circus and even though I could hardly breath while kids were climbing all over me, it was great fun as they expressed their sheer joy in uncontrollable fun and joy. I was so grateful for the blessings of God for them, but also so grateful to see these kids who came into new life so broken with sickness, disease, malnutrition, loss of limbs from the earthquake and brokenness from loss of parents and various tragedies, acting like kids should act with all the fun and laughter it's taken years for some to be healed, months or days for others, but it made me so grateful to God for the many people who make new life possible where children from all over Haiti come through the gate sick and broken,but find absolute New Life where the healing power of God touches them inside and out and they become real children that can experience the love and peace and joy they deserve as children, along with a hope and a future. We ended the day with a hot dog and ice cream party. Thank you everyone for making New Life possible through your prayers and are surly HIS HAND EXTENDED! Love and blessings.

Miriam and all, the kids and staff ..   
Love has no border

Saturday, February 11, 2012


We are all so excited!!! Our school bus arrived today, and what a beauty!! The police held it up for not having a Haiti inspection, but let it go when they knew it was for the kids and just came through customs and had not been able to get the inspection yet. When they drove it through the gate, the kids were anxiously waiting, then,..... as they drove this beautiful bus in, they began to scream so loud, jumping up and down in the most exciting powerful praise you could ever imagine they must have yelled, and jumped up and down for half an hour, they wouldn't quit. They went on and on like I have never seen them, so excited. They kept touching it and climbing inside although they could not pass all the contents loaded inside. It looks like everything arrived safely. It was dusk, so we got as many photos as possible and they all are anxious to see it tomorrow morning before school. It is in such great condition. I can't believe it is ours! Even the special needs kids will be able to go on outings now. It just happened that out artist came in today, just in time which will write NEW LIFE CHILDREN'S HOME on it and draw our little kids on it. It was so special to see the little hands on it from the kids who helped load in the U.S. We are so very grateful for all the sacrifices made for these children, the wonderful family who donated such a beautiful bus in such good condition, and for Marcha, who inspired everyone to get involved with her great faith, and for all of the special gifts on the bus. Unloading it will be like Christmas for us all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This will give years of service and happiness to all of our children. It is like a dream come true for us all here. Photos will follow ..

Blessings Miriam and all the kids at New Life Children's Home.
Love has no border

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Life Children's Home: update

Dear Friends

It is with great joy that I come to you all. God continues to bless us and watch over us here at New Life. Our clinics up in the mountains of Pestel have been saving a tremendous number of lives. There have been many stories, and we wish that we could share them all with you, but one in particular really grabbed our hearts. While in Pestel we treated a woman who was on the verge of death due to cholera. She was not just a woman, but was mother to 8 children, all of which she cared for. She was slowly fading away, and to us all, it seemed like a miracle from God was the only thing that would save her. So we prayed. We thought about the 8 children who would become like Alex, whose mother recently passed from cholera, and we prayed even more. We prayed for her life and that God would not allow this woman to become yet another statistic. After 4 days of medical treatment, and 32 liters of IV fluids, she finally turned a corner for the best. What a blessing it was to see her sitting up on that cot, knowing that soon she would be returning to her children again, and that their mommy would be saved. There are so many more personal stories as cholera cases continue to come into our tents daily. Lives are being saved and this could not be done without your prayers and support. We continue to desperately need funds that are solely designated for cholera emergencies. Only in heaven will you see the reward of your faithfulness and prayers.

Our clinics have been saving lives and today we were able to embark on a new journey. We visited a few local hospitals to see various babies who have been abandoned and left with nothing. The babies ranged in age from one month old to two years. A special little boy named Ti-John (little John) will soon become part of our family along with 4 or 5 other infants. Ti-John suffers from hydrocephalus, which is a build up of fluid inside the skull. He will soon become little brother to Chinaido, who also suffers from this same abnormality. Without your prayers and support none of these precious babies would be able to stay at New Life, so thank you for your continued prayer and financial contributions. We look forward to your visits and sponsorships of these new little angels.

Love In Christ,

New Life Children’s Home