Saturday, February 11, 2012


We are all so excited!!! Our school bus arrived today, and what a beauty!! The police held it up for not having a Haiti inspection, but let it go when they knew it was for the kids and just came through customs and had not been able to get the inspection yet. When they drove it through the gate, the kids were anxiously waiting, then,..... as they drove this beautiful bus in, they began to scream so loud, jumping up and down in the most exciting powerful praise you could ever imagine they must have yelled, and jumped up and down for half an hour, they wouldn't quit. They went on and on like I have never seen them, so excited. They kept touching it and climbing inside although they could not pass all the contents loaded inside. It looks like everything arrived safely. It was dusk, so we got as many photos as possible and they all are anxious to see it tomorrow morning before school. It is in such great condition. I can't believe it is ours! Even the special needs kids will be able to go on outings now. It just happened that out artist came in today, just in time which will write NEW LIFE CHILDREN'S HOME on it and draw our little kids on it. It was so special to see the little hands on it from the kids who helped load in the U.S. We are so very grateful for all the sacrifices made for these children, the wonderful family who donated such a beautiful bus in such good condition, and for Marcha, who inspired everyone to get involved with her great faith, and for all of the special gifts on the bus. Unloading it will be like Christmas for us all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This will give years of service and happiness to all of our children. It is like a dream come true for us all here. Photos will follow ..

Blessings Miriam and all the kids at New Life Children's Home.
Love has no border

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