Monday, February 13, 2012

New Life Children's Home: update

What a great Sunday! There was so much excitement ! This was the day to unload the bus! They each went to their Sunday school classes, then gathered in the church for worship, changed their clothes,and had their lunch then finally, our driver drove the bus over where it would be unloaded . We have two great teams here finishing up some needed construction projects. They helped us put up a large tent that would house the items as the kids helped unload. There were so many little hands, and great fun as they just had to stop and try out the hula hoops and play with the toys. Each item was exciting to them,as they all pitched in! Wow! Needed Batteries for the inverter system, clothes, toys, a tv, sound system, lawn mower, tools, wheelchairs and walkers, everything in great condition. but..... This was just the beginning...  After it was empty, 80 excited kids climbed in opened the windows and began to sing and dance and play for the next three hours, such excitement you've never heard. I sat myself on a seat in the midst of a chaotic fun circus and even though I could hardly breath while kids were climbing all over me, it was great fun as they expressed their sheer joy in uncontrollable fun and joy. I was so grateful for the blessings of God for them, but also so grateful to see these kids who came into new life so broken with sickness, disease, malnutrition, loss of limbs from the earthquake and brokenness from loss of parents and various tragedies, acting like kids should act with all the fun and laughter it's taken years for some to be healed, months or days for others, but it made me so grateful to God for the many people who make new life possible where children from all over Haiti come through the gate sick and broken,but find absolute New Life where the healing power of God touches them inside and out and they become real children that can experience the love and peace and joy they deserve as children, along with a hope and a future. We ended the day with a hot dog and ice cream party. Thank you everyone for making New Life possible through your prayers and are surly HIS HAND EXTENDED! Love and blessings.

Miriam and all, the kids and staff ..   
Love has no border

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