Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wow! What a day!

clean2cleanYou all would have been so proud of our boys. Each Saturday is a work day at New Life. The kids are assigned chores to do inside and outside. Some of their responsibilities include working in the garden, cleaning their rooms, washing clothes, cleaning the special needs kid's areas and wheelchairs and tending to the fish tanks. It's always a busy day, but last Saturday was really different. We try to keep our kids involved in community service and reaching out to others as often as possible. The girls are encouraged to get involved in the distribution of food to other orphanages and tent cities. Last Saturday, the boys were able to reach out to the community.

clean3My mother served the world and raised her kids the same way. She is one of the most compassionate and loving people on the face of the earth. I can remember the many times that we took food and clothes to the poor and cared for the sick. It was a way of life for all four of us. Mom would scrub people's floors all day for money to take a bus to the Good Will store to buy clothes for every poor child she knew. She made sure that in the winter they had warm clothes and a jacket. We served iced tea and water to men working in the street, the postman and the old grouchy man down the way. She said that there is good in everyone, if you look for it. I can almost hear her sweet compassionate voice as we show the same love to others through our children here in Haiti. "Put yourself in their place. How would you feel?"

Well Mom, today you would have been proud of your 20 great grandsons as they loaded the truck with a pressure washer, cleaning supplies, mops, and scrub brushes and headed out to clean our local police station. It was long overdue for sure and we all felt compassion for the conditions they had to work in. After all, they have been there over the years to protect us and others. Jean Rony led the team and they gave it their all! The policemen were so happy. They couldn't believe anyone would do this for them. It didn't take long before a police officer from another town stopped clean4by to ask if we could go there too! Back at New Life, others prepared hot dogs and drinks and baked beans to take to the police station. Everyone ate including the few prisoners, and they were so grateful. The boys worked with such joy. We heard the the truck's horn letting us all know that they were back from a hard day's work. I was amazed at the big smiles across each face, as if to say, "We're home Mom, we did it! We not only made you proud, but we are proud of ourselves for a job well done." It is amazing how we are encouraged when we serve others.
We love you, Miriam and all of us all of us at New Life

Love has no borders ...You have never really lived until you have
done something for someone who can never repay you.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 2013
mango treeIf you walk in our baby room at New Life Children's Home, you would be attacked with love as they all run up to you, arms open wide for hugs, that is unless they are eating mangos. They are such happy children. This is mango season and a mango doesn't even get to fall to the ground here with over 100 children.  Usually you can hear all kinds of sounds in the baby room but now it's quiet as can be and this takes total concentration as these seven are enjoying a moment of joy. Sticky Yes! Messy Yes! But is it ever good.  Now how about that hug??? Someone please pass the wipes! 
The Mango Tree has been at New Life since the beginning. If you would like to see a slide show of the mango tree please click on the link below. The music by the singers at New Life.
Blessings to all, Miriam
Love has no borders ..You have never really lived ..until you have done something for someone who can never repay you