Sunday, October 16, 2016

Haiti Update

Hi everyone, we haven't wasted a minute today going full speed utilizing every staff Member and volunteers, going In all directions, even  to the D.R. Border to pick up a truckload of medication we are so grateful for purchased and coordinated by IFJ. We were able purchase tons of food and 200 tarps, and also sent a huge truck with 200  boxes of food yesterday and water with our Haitian staff. The truck broke down but all working out. Tools for clearing roads were sent to Jeremie as well as Pestel last week, preparing some isolated areas especially in the mountains to get  in to distribute. Our supreme goal and prayer is to reach the In-reached in the Hard to reach areas with life saving food, medical, and clean water, and also identify Where the Cholera areas are not yet reported. We have Dr, Steve Schroering, am Orthopedic surgeon from our BOD. He  brought large suitcases of casting material that Dr. Philip requested. Another team just leaving left various over the counter meds.  We've had both Toyota land cruisers serviced so all in all we will be  leaving tomorrow with four packed vehicles, and Hugh trucks of food  going ahead. We know that God has placed his angels of protection  over all of us as well as over all of this precious food and supplies.  Please keep this entire work team in your prayers. The phone calls begging for assistance are critical. Our only desire now is to reach them quickly.  We couldn't be doing Any of this without your love and sacrifice. Just wanted to give you  an update before we leave as we never know if any communication is available.
Many Blessings, Miriam
Love has no border


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