Monday, October 24, 2016

Haiti Update

As days pass with no food, desperation in the remote  mountain villages increases.  The torrential rains and destroyed homes add to the problem. Without help from the government or major organizations, the help that you are sending became the first and only aid for the hundreds of people that God has allowed us to reach. With so many houses destroyed from the hurricane, many people are seeking shelter in nearby caves. Gardens, trees and animals are wiped out, making the main food sources unavailable.

We are continuing to distribute food directly to the people in the unreached areas by boats and trucks. Thousands of people are still waiting in desperate conditions. We must all pray for national attention from the Haitian government and Washington.  As the rains continue, exposure and hunger grip the lives of thousands of people without their first handout. If you could just see how grateful the people that we have been able to reach are. We have already distributed  over 25 tons of food and 200 tarps. With God's help, we will be sending our Haitian builders out with tin and supplies to secure damaged buildings that we can use for receiving stations when trucks of food, supplies, and container contents arrive.  We have begun sending workers to mountain tops to take a census on families and number houses for distribution.  Many people are still missing.  This is truly a national crisis and we need prayer that national attention will come to these remote isolated  parts of Pestel.
Please visit or call our office at (561)868-5005 to donate funds or to find out about our Pack-A-Box program.

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