Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Update about the drought and what we are doing to help

There has been so much joy and excitement at New Life this week and so many wonderful blessings. After a powerful prayer meeting, we sent a team to the mountains of Pestel to build a third feeding center and a large cistern that will hold 7,500 gallons of clean water. The long drought destroyed food crops and left thousands sick from drinking from green and brown water holes. The rains are now falling and bringing life again. It has been a long, hot, heartbreaking summer. We are so very grateful for the response to our plea for the water projects, food and medical supplies that have been saving lives. The urgent prayers of the people were answered. The malnutrition pavilion centers and a large center are being built. So far, they are in seven remote villages and are saving many lives. Our only doctor for 115,000 people showed up today to pick up the funds to fix the health centers generator. It has been broken for weeks. There are no lights at night for the many patients there. Thank God for the angel that provided. They have no medicine or gloves. We will be sending $1,000 of meds with him. This is really needed each month. He said that many mountain areas are in bad medical condition and desperately need help. Thank God for Dr. Philip. He won't give up trusting that the Moline clinic and the hospital will be a reality one day on the ten acres that were donated. Until then, we will continue to feed the many malnnourished kids and elderly people in 7 areas. We will also send a nurse out to each of those villages periodically and work from the building that was once used for making peanut butter before it closed down. We will soon build a big brush arbor with benches. Many patients walk hours and some all night with the sick. The clinic will be open two days a week with Dr. Philip and a nurse. This is 35 miles away from the health center. Our team, headed by Ricky Baines and Jude Tharp’s team, will work at two construction sites for water, and then paint the Jeanboline church before heading back this weekend. Pastor Ralph Sawh from Trinidad will teach over 100 pastors in Joligebert and then move to Jeremie for the second seminar. We hired a large truck and asked the team of pastors to go to Pestel to pray over the 10 acres with us. Thousands of lives can be saved when the hospital is built. We have buried enough children and parents. Although we will continue to do so, enough is enough. We need your prayers. We have the engineer’s plans broken down into phases.

Back at New Life, kids are kids. They are excited about Christmas. Last night we spent hours together planning skits and songs, crafts and decorations. It's so wonderful to hear the kids playing and singing and just having fun like kids should do. They are healed and happy. Thank you Jesus and each one who makes this possible.

Please pray for us for provision. We are believing God to feed three orphanages and the community children all on different days at Christmas time. These are kids that would never know that it is Christmas. All of our kids volunteered to choose something special of theirs to give away and to serve the kids at the other orphanages. That sure made mom happy!

Love has no border

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