Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thousands Crying out for Help! part one

I'm at the Haiti airport on my way home for a few weeks to allow God to take the heart hehas given me for these precious people in Haiti and allow me to speak of the depth of intense and horrible suffering I have witnessed while here.

I am not a novice to the suffering of Haiti. After over 30 years of rescuing and burying countless children, I'm not speaking from a heart that has just come to grips with the suffering here. I'm going home with a heart that wants to speak and cry to the world of a condition that calls for our immediate attention as God’s people and as compassionate Americans. 

We cannot allow the human suffering that I have seen to continue and do nothing. I know that it could only be the Lord who has kept me awake these many nights. After leading our team to the mountains to see and to hear the cries, to hold dying children while watching their mothers cry over children who have NO food or water. There are thousands of victims crying out for help from a famine that has hit parts of Haiti resulting in no rain for five to seven months. The crops that are so desperately needed for survival are completely dried up! The desperation is so unfathomable to us. It is truly a story truly that must be told because it involves LIFE AND DEATH for thousands of people. God has so filled my heart with His and told me to GO AND TELL WHAT HE HAS ALLOWED ME TO SEE AND EXPERIENCE. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! THEY HAVE NO VOICE. WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE NOW!

Most of you know us and our sincerity and hearts for Haiti. We have to rely on God for thedaily needs of raising 120 plus children at New Life. We are so grateful for those whose faithful love, gifts and prayers pour into these children and for God allowing us to assist and reach out to 35 other schools and orphanages who suffer terribly! How can we not help them? We have six new children who came in from the mountains and others with polio are coming soon. It's hard to imagine that the Lord’s voice would override all that you see at hand with the vision and projects that are ahead at New Life and in the mountains to call us into a crisis like an earthquake or disaster. You know you must act and trust Him. It's like the Good Samaritan story. He had his own business and plans too, but when he saw the poor man who fell among thieves, bleeding and dying, he was MOVED with compassion. That's how this story is. I don't want to be as the two others who were so busy that they left him there to die! Thousands are crying all over Haiti for no fault of their own! This could have been my plight and my own children, "but for the grace of God, there go I!” I'm asking you to please pray for us. For those of you that can help financially, we desperately need move forward with some solutions. 

Thank you,
Miriam Frederick
Love has no border

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