Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cholera in Pestel update

Dear Friends,

We are so glad to report that all of your hard work and prayers are paying off. From December 1st to Jan 12th there have been 212 cases of cholera and 59 deaths. Since setting up our cholera stations and providing people with training in sanitation, many lives have been saved. We have also distributed Aquatabs and oral rehydration salts to many of these cholera patients. From January 12th January 28th only 48 new cases or cholera have occurred, with only 3 deaths. We are on our way to the mountains again where we will be transporting more supplies and medication to distribute to the emergency cholera stations that we set up on our first visit. Deaths due to cholera have decreased in this region because patients are no longer required to walk hours down rugged terrain to receive medical care. Those who would have died due to the long journey are now surviving. It is so sad for us to see these cholera patients suffer with watery diarrhea and vomiting, but your prayers and donations are helping to heal them and give them life. At our stations we pray with each patient. They are so grateful for the help and prayers.

On this trip to the mountains we will be holding two open-air medical clinics and will continue to care for the cholera patients. We really need your help. We had to hire two nurses per station, and workers to man each station. We must keep these workers at these stations for at least three more months. The rainy season in Haiti begins in March, which is when cholera usually increases. Too many people have already died needlessly. Please help us replenish our funds by marking donations to the cholera emergency fund. We are so grateful.

Love in Christ,
Miriam Fredrick
New Life Children’s Home

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